The hydraulic system solution of tire Retouching vulcanizer

The hydraulic system of tire retouching vulcanizer is designed according to the action requirements of the hydraulic tire retouching vulcanizer, which controls the action of the opening and closing oil cylinders and the after-loading oil cylinders, and is different from the hydraulic system of tire retouching vulcanizer. The system adopts the combination of high and low pressure pumps to realize the fast no-load operation and slow pressurization action of the afterload cylinder. The rodless chamber of the afterburner cylinder is provided with a pre-relief valve to reduce the instant impact and vibration of the afterburner cylinder’s return journey. The rodless chamber is also equipped with a pressure sensor, which can detect the pressure at any time when pressurizing and maintaining the pressure and send signals and make up the pressure to ensure the required added pressure. · System pressure: 5MPa/ 17MPa low pressure · Oil pump flow: low pressure 200L/min/ high pressure 1.9l /min · Oil pump motor power: low pressure pump 22KW/ high pressure pump o.75kW
The hydraulic system solution of tire Retouching vulcanizer
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