Standard hydraulic system solution for Arm hook

The standard hydraulic system integration of large-tonnage drawarm hook is mainly composed of oil tank assembly, manual multi-channel reversing valve, oil pump assembly, pipeline and matching hydraulic cylinder, which are arranged on site according to the model. The oil pump is inclined shaft type quantitative plunger pump, which provides high pressure and large flow hydraulic fluid for the system, and is the power element of the system. Manual multi-channel directional control valve is composed of multiple directional control valves, safety valves and various additional valves. It has high working pressure, compact structure and is not easy to leak. At the same time can realize the centralized control of multiple hydraulic cylinders. The demand for small-tonnage hook-jib vehicles is greatly increased in the process of small urbanization promoted by the state. It is specially designed for the matching use of small-tonnage hook-boom cars. The garbage generated in small towns needs a large number of small-tonnage hook-boom cars to deal with, that is, the rated load is 1T, 2T. Our company has developed the oil cylinder and hydraulic system of small-tonnage hook-boom cars for this emerging market of hook-boom cars.
Standard hydraulic system solution for Arm hook
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