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Double acting hydraulic cylinder for baler

Our products are widely used in municipal sanitation, domestic waste treatment, special-purpose vehicles, rubber and plastics, metallurgy, military industry, marine engineering, agricultural machinery, textiles, electric power chemicals, engineering machinery, forging machinery, casting machinery, machine tools and other industries.

  • Description
  • Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder for Baler

    Some custom hydraulic cylinders have flexible bearings on them. Due to the sturdy and flexible bearings, you can quickly fix and install the cylinder on your tractors or mini excavators. It is durable enough to hold a lot of force.The top link cylinder is built under specific dimensions. The parameters of cylinders are as followed:

    • Bore: 20mm-600mm.
    • Stroke Length: 10mm-1000mm.
    • Seals kit: DLI,HALLITE and PARKER.
    • Working pressure:low or medium

    The well-assembled and thoroughly tested double acting hydraulic cylinder for baler also  adopt a double pilot operated check valve to hold the cylinder steady and prevent it from drifting away. The assembled inside sealing rings guard the high performance of sealing, making it easier to maintain and safer to use.The double acting hydraulic cylinder for baler is environmental protection equipment that compresses straws into blocks with hydraulic power, making the straw blocks easier to store, transport and utilize.

    FAST got 15 production lines with 1 telescopic cylinder production line included.Our annual productivity of hydraulic cylinder has reached 400,000pcs. The common producing period of each item is approximately 30 days, which would be varied according to specific products.


    Competitive Advantages     

    High Qualities: Cylinder body and piston are made from solid chrome steel and heat-treated.

    Great Durability: Hard-chromium plated piston with replaceable, heat treated saddle.

    Stronger Mechanical Strength: Stop ring can bear full capacity (pressure) and is fitted with dirt wiper.

    Corrosion Resistant: Perfectly passed the neutral salt spray test (NSS) Grade 9/96 hours.

    Long life span: FAST cylinders have passed over 200,000 cycles cylinder life test.

    Cleanliness: Through fine cleaning, surface detection, ultrasonic cleaning and dust-free transfer during the process, and laboratory test and real-time cleanliness detection after assembly, FAST cylinders have reached Grade 8 of NAS1638.

    Strict Quality control: PPM lower than 5000


    Considerate Services

    Sample Service: Samples will be provided according to customer's instruction.

    Customized Services: A variety of cylinders can be customized according to customer demand.

    Warranty Service: In case of quality problems under 1 year warranty period, free replacement will be made for customer.      


    Company Profile

    Establish Year



    3 factories


    500 employees including 60 engineers,30 QC staff

    Production Line

    13 lines

    Yearly Production Capability

    Hydraulic Cylinders 450,000 sets;

    Hydraulic System 2000 sets.

    Sales Amount

    USD45 Million

    Main Export Countries


    Quality System



    89 patents


    13 months

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