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Covers hydraulic system, pipeline, hydraulic cylinder, motor and electrical control integration To provide customers with a full set of hydraulic and electrical system solutions

Our products are widely used in municipal sanitation, domestic waste treatment, special-purpose vehicles, rubber and plastics, metallurgy, military industry, marine engineering, agricultural machinery, textiles, electric power chemicals, engineering machinery, forging machinery, casting machinery, machine tools and other industries.

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  • All control valves are imported from the United States with high performance plug-in valves, which meet the stringent conditions of small space and high stability requirements for walking equipment; All hydraulic pipelines are bent by CNC pipe bender to ensure the accuracy of pipeline size; The valve block is treated with electroless nickel plating, which greatly increases its surface corrosion resistance. Electric control adopts integrated board control module, which can effectively prevent looseness of electrical components, reduce fault points and improve the reliability of operation. The supporting standard hydraulic cylinders of FAST grass truck are mainly composed of 1 no. 1 hydraulic cylinder, 2 No. 2 hydraulic cylinder, 2 No. 3 hydraulic cylinder, 2 No. 4 hydraulic cylinder, 1 No. 5 hydraulic cylinder, 2 No. 6 hydraulic cylinder and 2 No. 7.8 hydraulic cylinder. <strong>The main features</strong> • FAST professional supporting baler hydraulic cylinder for many years, formed FAST standard products 9FG series products • The hydraulic cylinder structure, parts, seals, materials, processing technology and so on have been completely standardized • Beautiful appearance, stable quality and long service life • PPM is less than 1000

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