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Integrated solution of hydraulic and electrical system of Tire range testing machine

Our products are widely used in municipal sanitation, domestic waste treatment, special-purpose vehicles, rubber and plastics, metallurgy, military industry, marine engineering, agricultural machinery, textiles, electric power chemicals, engineering machinery, forging machinery, casting machinery, machine tools and other industries.

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  • Our company for the supporting tire drum testing machine is a single motor, single drum, simplex engineering tire testing machine. The tyre is loaded on one side of the simplex drum and rotates at a constant speed with the drum. The tire testing machine provides the tire durability test under the condition of straight motion and straight slip Angle. And can do the tire indentation test and puncture test. The drum diameter is 7 meters, which is the largest tire drum tester in China. The loading cylinder control loop adopts the closed-loop control scheme of constant pressure source + proportional pressure reducing valve + force feedback, which can realize the stepless change of loading force, before the test tire guide drum contact. The piston rod extends rapidly (flow control) and slowly after the test tyre contacts the drum (pressure control). The control loop of slip Angle cylinder and dip Angle cylinder adopts the closed-loop control scheme of constant pressure source + solenoid valve, speed regulating valve + position feedback, which can realize the position control of piston rod.

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