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Hydraulic and electrical system integration solution for Distance adjustment device of two-roll mixer

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  • The hydraulic system of the distance adjustment device of the two-roll mixer is specially developed and matched for the two-roll mixer of various sizes. It is mainly used to adjust the distance between two rollers and has the function of intelligent retreat. The two cylinders with built-in magnetostrictive displacement sensors are connected to the moving roller, and the displacement of the two cylinders is controlled by the intermittent oil supply of the electromagnetic directional valve, so as to control the distance between the rollers. <strong>Advantages of hydraulic pitch adjustment</strong> • The roller distance can be set remotely and the roller distance can be adjusted continuously with material • The pressure sensor is used to sense the tension of the extruding material. When the hard foreign body enters the roller, it can realize the emergency retreat, avoid the injury of the stick, and save the broken pieces • It can be made into a continuous production line with multiple open refining units, and the discharging speed is greatly accelerated. <strong>Main technical parameters</strong> • Rated pressure:25MPa • Rated flow basin:16L/min • Motor power:7.5KW

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