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Hydraulic and electrical system integration solution for Tire forming machine

Our products are widely used in municipal sanitation, domestic waste treatment, special-purpose vehicles, rubber and plastics, metallurgy, military industry, marine engineering, agricultural machinery, textiles, electric power chemicals, engineering machinery, forging machinery, casting machinery, machine tools and other industries.

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  • The hydraulic system of large engineering tire forming machine is applied in large engineering tire forming machine and has been supplied for customers in small quantities. The integrated supply range of hydraulic system covers hydraulic system, pipeline, oil bar and other products, providing customers with a full set of hydraulic system solutions. <strong>The main features</strong> Two pumps each feed oil to a set of loops to control the action of the oil cylinder of the forming machine button ring and the action of pulling the ring oil bar; Under special circumstances, the double pump can be used as backup for each other and the speed can be halved. It can reduce the probability of downtime without increasing the cost. YUKRN valve imported, domestic valve, 380V motor and 415V motor and other configurations, to meet the various requirements of customers. • System pressure: 8Mpa • System flow:60L/min x 2 • Motor power:11KW x 2 • Solenoid valve voltage:DC24V

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