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Tire vulcanizing machine transformation, mechanical Upgrade hydraulic solutions

Our products are widely used in municipal sanitation, domestic waste treatment, special-purpose vehicles, rubber and plastics, metallurgy, military industry, marine engineering, agricultural machinery, textiles, electric power chemicals, engineering machinery, forging machinery, casting machinery, machine tools and other industries.

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  • <strong>Product highlights</strong> The proportional pump is used to control the pressure and flow of the system, which can provide the pressure and flow as needed and realize the energy saving control of the system. Through the flow control of proportional pump, the precise positioning of the upper ring cylinder (with displacement sensor) of the central mechanism can be realized, and the positioning accuracy can reach LMM. After special noise reduction treatment, the noise is less than 70dB in load operation and less than 6Odb in no-load operation. The main components are imported well-known brands, and the system configuration has reached the leading level in China. The cleanness of the hydraulic system can reach NAS7 to ensure the stable operation of the system; The traditional mechanical tire vulcanizing machine has been successfully reformed to improve the automation degree of equipment and vulcanizing quality of tires.

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