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4th Day Yantai FAST Bauma CHINA 2020|See you in 2022!

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From November 24th to 27th, 2020, we spent a four-day exhibition at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, sending you invitations, demos, sharing and live broadcast... from the overview of the Bauma exhibition to the Yantai Future Company Booth, theme display, exhibition, technical description, exhibition zero-sum live release. Therefore, the future friends of Yantai are committed to the space-time connection between Shanghai and Yantai.
We participated in Bauma CHINA for a four-day date. Together, we illuminate the beautiful Shanghai Beach in late November.
Behind the preparation and breakthrough of the night broadcast is the perfect appearance. Live broadcast, short video...When the various painting styles change rapidly, we are also willing to continue to learn and innovate to get closer to you. When the big screen was opened again and again, our beloved Yantai FAST also became a bright star, illuminating the big stage of the Bauma exhibition. Thank you for your attention and company.