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3rd Day Yantai FAST in Bauma CHINA 2020

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①Introduction to the hydraulic cylinder exhibition area
At this year's Bauma, Yantai FAST has almost launched a crawler crane hydraulic cylinder and a truck-mounted crane hydraulic cylinder, as well as a high-quality hydraulic cylinder serving construction machinery.
On the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the company, we launched a new brand of cartoon mascot, named Xiaohai, who is also the new spokesperson of Yantai FAST.
③Take you to visit the VIP area
At this Bauma Expo, we not only launched premium hydraulic cylinders but also set up a VIP reception area at the booth. The elites of Yantai FAST turned into waiters, blessed with aprons, and brought popcorn machines to make the scene sweet, and on-site coffee machines let you For the rich aroma to stop, the ladies also prepared exquisite dessert plates and delicious desserts. Yantai apples printed with the company LOGO are sweet and intoxicating... Today coincides with Thanksgiving Day, Yantai FAST wishes You have met everything beautiful, happy Thanksgiving!