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2nd Day Yantai FAST in Bauma CHINA 2020 | Exploring the "Intelligent Manufacturing"

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01 Hydraulic cylinders for crawler cranes

Yantai FAST crawler crane supporting hydraulic cylinders, aiming at the special working conditions of cranes with high accuracy, high safety, and high-pressure retention, fully consider and align the safety and reliability of hydraulic cylinders, and develop supporting lightweight hydraulic cylinders. Reduce the overall weight of the cylinder, improve the stability of the whole machine, and realize the perfect unity of structure, performance, and safety.

Yantai FAST has a dedicated crane hydraulic cylinder production line, a complete set of die forging parts, mature and stable processing technology, implementation of military-grade quality control, and strict product performance and delivery cycle.

Yantai FAST is committed to the challenge of providing zero-defect products and to be the reliant vendor of "mighty heavy equipment" manufactories.

02 Robot dynamic demonstration
The robot is composed of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic stations, and electrical modules. Each component and hydraulic and electric integrated control are independently developed and produced by our company. It represents FAST leading non-standard design and production capacity in the field of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic-electric fusion systems. It represents FAST growth path from traditional machining to digital manufacturing, and from traditional hydraulics to digital hydraulics. It also represents FAST determination and confidence in building a first-class brand of hydraulic and electrical system integration.

03Sequential telescopic cylinder dynamic demonstration

■Sequential telescopic cylinders for straight boom truck cranes: Using internal oil circuit and external stroke valve control, the rodless chambers of the internal cylinders are supplied with oil sequentially, and the oil is discharged in reverse order to achieve sequential expansion and contraction of the cylinders. The oil cylinder can not afford high pressure, with high safety, reliability, and durability.

■Sequential oil cylinders used by the boom truck crane: The internal oil circuit control is used to make the rodless chambers of the internal oil cylinders enter oil sequentially to realize the sequence of the oil cylinders. The oil cylinder can afford high pressure and has high safety, reliability, and durability.