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  • Name: Electro-hydraulic system for integrated garbage compressor
  • Number: 79

The hydraulic system is highly integrated, and the compact size can meet the need of small application space. The pushing cylinder can control return circuit by differentiating control, which can satisfy the fast running without load. The temperature control device can prevent the system from over-heat oil in confined space by controlling the start-stop of air cooler automatically. The level control device can ensure the oil pump will stop when the oil tank is lack of oil which is caused by damaged pipelines to make sure the security of hydraulic system.

Electrical control system adopts many protective measures like default phase, overcurrentand short circuit etc. It can meet different needs of movement by modifying PLC program. The operation interface adopts text display to show working condition, failure message and safety instruction, every controls parameters can be changed on the text display and will be protected by password. The system can be controlled by three methods-- panel buttons, control box and remote control device.

The main frame is the frame integrated hydraulic system, air cooler and control system as a whole machine, which is install on the case in rail style. It can be pulled out from both sides for maintenance. There are end covers with air vent in both sides of main frame, so the frame can be sealed to the case reliably.


Function: Two turning cylinders dumped the garbage in hopper into compression box, then two pushing cylinders would compress the garbage in the box. 

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