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From the birth place of 1st pneumatic cylinder in China to the new & high- technology industry of Shandong Province, Our company has almost 40 years history.

Birthplace of first pneumatic cylinder.

Founder of design standard for pneumatic cylinder in China.

Owner of German pneumatic cylinder testing platform.


First factory of receiving the task by the Mechanical department for manufacturing XZB148B pneumatic half-automatic cylinder.

The company with outstanding contribution for hydraulic & pneumatic industry standardization of China.

First batch of assigned manufacturers of pneumatic actuator by Mechanical Department.

First factory of getting the certificate of National second-class industry.

First factory that passed the ISO9001 certificate in pneumatic industry of China.


First factory of getting the certificate of the national key new product which is issued by the Five Ministries in pneumatic industry of China.

First member of Baosteel equipments and spare parts joint development and supply center in pneumatic industry of China.

The first manufacturing base of hydraulic cylinder & system for special vehicles.

The first manufacture that solves the telescopic cylinder swelling problem.


The first manufacturer of hydraulic cylinder with switch valve for self-unloading environmental vehicles, and passed the appraisal of Shandong technical innovation project.

The first manufacturer of ton-bag packing machine.

First manufacturer of inground lift and has exported batch by batch.

New & high-technology industry of Shandong Province.